Drive innovation with our
smart analytics services

Architect and develop a resilient, scalable,
and adaptable data platform on Google Cloud.

Swiftly establish robust data pipelines with utmost reliability.

Our support spans from data ingestion to its ultimate consumption,
ensuring a comprehensive end-to-end journey.

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  • Data Foundations

Every minute, apps and devices generate millions of data points. Harness the potential of Data Analytics/Science to propel your business forward.

Create a resilient, scalable, and adaptable data platform on Google Cloud. Swiftly establish reliable data pipelines.

We guide you through the entire journey, from data ingestion to final consumption, ensuring comprehensive support at every stage.


  • DW / BI Modernization

Effortlessly expand your business by transitioning to the cutting-edge Google Cloud data warehouse.

Simplify the migration journey to BigQuery and unlock quicker data insights.

Looker, Google Cloud's robust and adaptable business intelligence (BI) modernization solution, empowers you to strategize, modernize, and revolutionize your business with data-driven decision-making.


  • ML Ops

Accelerate your machine learning development and deployment.

Streamline your entire machine learning lifecycle, from data preparation and model training to deployment and monitoring.

Empowering data scientists and engineers to collaborate seamlessly, automate workflows, and ensure reproducibility.

Maximize efficiency, minimize time to market, and unleash the full potential of your company.



Customers worldwide


Professional certifications


Our unique value proposition

your ideal partner to harness the power
of your data and propel your business forward.


We have conducted hundreds of data analysis and decision-making projects for clients.


We provide guidance and support in maintaining your architecture, performing updates and developing new use cases that may arise within your company.


We establish support guidelines, deliverables, and offer training for teams.


We design solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Squad of professionals

Our team holds Google Cloud certifications, ensuring their expertise in the platform.

Cloud experts, always evolving

Boost your business with experts in Google Cloud technology.

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Zoom in our customer success stories

Claudio Righetti

Telecom Argentina

“By collecting diagnostic data, we can create an essential feedback from inside the home. The data will sit right at the heart of Telecom's AIOps strategy. It will help ensure that our products are intuitive and easy to use and that we can keep seamlessly connecting customers with the content and services"

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Kirstin O'Brien

Data Scientist |

“With the collaboration of an amazing team at aeroswe successfully migrated off our previous solution andthrough this process have accelerated our DataInitiatives and Priorities"

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Santiago Granda

Data Scientist Supervisor | ICBC

“The day to day with eros was very pleasant. All specialists have extensive technical knowledge, good predisposition and an excellent close and respectful treatment. The support service was extremely agile, resolving all concerns in less than 24 hours. OurThe intention is to request their professional services again to face future projects in the bank, since they have demonstrated their capabilities and compatibility with our teams"

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